The future above all! Never look back! In the course of the years numerous styles were followed, ranging from nouvelle cuisine to fusion kitchen and molecular hocus pocus, but… we stuck to regional and seasonal gastronomy with a frivolity now and then in order to keep it lively. And see, suddenly the "terroir" flag is hoisted in the Kitchen World and newcomers swear by our recognizable local products. It is okay to use Forgotten vegetables, Misunderstood delicacies and Undervalued ingredients again, in fact they have to be used! The method of preparation underwent a small facelift, but apart from that everything stays the way it was. It seems that we were right all these years! The only difference is that with us the fine brew with its unlimited variations took up a place of honour in the dishes and next to them rather quickly. The customers immediately came round and today 't Hommelhof is widely known for its dishes based on heavenly brewages. But quality without a soul is not a solid recipe for success. We therefore take a minute almost every day to greet Sabine. Her brilliant smile lent lustre to 't Hommelhof and will keep on doing so. With an indomitable hospitality, which was so typical of Sabine, we offer a gastronomic experience to those who in the first place want to enjoy the peace and quiet in style.

Stefaan, Simon and the team of 't Hommelhof

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